Deep In Thought

submitted by Mark M. who wrote this about it:
With a fixed gaze, I travel off to a distant place and I am unaware of all that is around me. My thoughts consume my very being as I become one with another conscience. It would be so easy to stay where I am and leave myself behind. It is as if I created an entirely new Universe that expands as I think. I can be anyone I want, I can go to any place or to any time. I could be alone, or I could be with you (whomever reads this). You would have no idea we co existed, nor would you ever feel or remember anything that happened. Maybe you would. It could have been the voice you heard when you were alone, or the touch you felt when no one was near. You will never know that it was me. In a blink of an eye, that new Universe will cease to exist as I return to my present state of mind. Oh - but did I return, or am I now part of my imaginary travels?