3 Special Roots

submitted by Jordyn Coats who wrote this about it:
Three very special roots all represented in one photo: 1) The main root/image: My current home and where I began a community driven, non-profit organization (Appalachian Rollergirls). The Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. 2) The limbs overlaid on top: My trip to England in 2006 which ignited my love for the English culture. I am now a Secondary English Education major with a concentration in British literature and poetry. My roller derby name is "J Gnaws Tin" and I wear a Union Jack styled helmet and custom Union Jack derby skinz/shorts. 3) The top left-hand corner: The most important root of mine. My hometown. Where I was raised. My most cherished memories. I will never forget this place and I hope to return there soon to begin my own career and shed new light on my past.