More Surreal Ripples

submitted by Jen Atkins who wrote this about it:
This is another shot of some ripples. This is one of the first shots I took with my new camera, which I am still learning how to use. I photographed this scene by the river, which I felt was just an average scene in nature. I began throwing things in the water and photographing the ripples. Due to the high exposure and the amount of light entering the camera, I ended up getting these really surreal, bright colors. The way the ripples distorted the reflection made it even more intriguing to me. It just struck me as funny how sometimes, you can photograph a scene that you feel will not look particularly interesting and then find that it was a great idea! Also how you can take some shots that you feel are going to turn out well, only to find that they are not very interesting. It just makes me think about life in general- how we feel like things we are going through are terrible, only to find that something good comes out of those bad times.