IngShui Radiate

submitted by Ingrid Williams who wrote this about it:
Inspired by images from O'ahu, I've finally settled on my next "IngShui" collection. It is yet unnamed, and each element has yet to receive the words in final form ... but this is the early form of what has become for me a powerful expression of my desires in various areas of my life. Each quadrant represents a "life pillar" and the image represents a desire in that area. It's a visual meditation of sorts which can bring focus and clarity to me in a form that resonates with me. PROSPERITY: vibrant, colorful and unusual REPUTATION: calm and deep with creative bursting metamorphasis RELATIONSHIPS: intimate and open CREATIVITY: washing, moments of reflective expression MENTORS: none missing, linked together CAREER: fresh, rich, life-giving KNOWLEDGE: embracing and even learning the past, knowing it is still affecting us today FAMILY & HEALTH: peaceful FOCUS: reflecting & illuminating from beyond myself