Hello there everyone!

It's been 3 months since we began my 4th Solo album and Heapsong1, now titled 'Lifeline' together. Which means it's time for Heapsong2 already!

The time has whizzed by and my grand plan for doing my 4th solo album in stages like this, is working wonders, enabling me to get busy with other fun things in between each song. Briefly, here's what I've been up to!

I was completely energized and inspired from the whole Heapsong1 project. I can't thank those of you enough who joined in. I also enjoyed meeting so many of you at the release party here in my house too! Here are the pics (coming soon!).

If you missed Heapsong1, the Heapsong1 Microsite will explain all and here you can buy a copy of the 3DiCD (virtual CD booklet package in 3D). This is official video and there's also a short making of Heapsong1 film for you to see very soon.

So what's the plan for #heapsong2?

Same challenge as Heapsong1 - to write, record, produce, make the video, pull together the artwork and release it all in just two weeks except this one is going to be in 3D audio! Starting it 20th June and release date set for 6th July.

Not one to repeat myself, Heapsong2 will be written very differently.

We've created this minisite you're in for the project. You can see a rough daily plan over the next fortnight in the page when you click on the microphones and you can also keep a track of the progress on the .

I'm going to ask you to share insightful moments that positively changed the course of your life on the for all to see and get me on my lyrical way.

Could be a meeting of minds, passage in a book, an observation, idea or action. For example...

The Apple

"Gazing out the window, an apple fell from a tree and begged the question. What pulls it to earth? Our world changed"

Isaac Newton, Lincolnshire

I'll be watching these roll in, writing #Heapsong2 about a moment in my life, connecting and being inspired by threads of yours. If you add to the cloud, you're also in with a chance to be in the video, shot in the woods at the bottom of my garden, depicting your own moment, In 'a bubble'. Should be fun!

I've shacked up with Nick Ryan for the 3D audioness of the song. We met at a PRS event last year and clicked. He came to my house recently to discuss an idea he'd been concocting and by the end of the day we'd decided that #heapsong2 would be in 3D audio! Nick, other than being a top chap, is a multi award winning sound designer, composer and audio specialist, so I'm going to be learning a thing of two from him.

We are excited to explore the idea of using sound to enhance the experience and narrative of a song alongside 'conventional' words and music. We hope to create a track where you 'the listener' will actually be “inside” the song, as if you were in my shoes, which will happen around you in 3D audio.

Nick will be regularly meeting up with me, here at the hideaway (my studio) in the english countryside. He'll then find and create sounds, atmospheres and acoustic spaces that depict the inspiration for one of my 'moments of clarity', later to be incorporated into the music and vocals I've been recording. You can expect regular blogs from Nick sharing his progress, for example 'in a tunnel, voices bounce of walls as people discuss the day', He'll be calling upon you for ideas on locations or asking you to participate in large scale live 'foley' (sound effects) sessions. You can then hear these recordings, day by day as they are made. Hopefully like a sonic version of reading a paragraph in a book, where the spaces and faces come alive in ones own imagination.

With this and the Clarity Cloud, we hope you'll come to develop a personal connection to the song as you interpret these sounds along with your Clarity Cloud moments, so the song take on an enhanced meaning, maybe even before its been heard!

I'll be asking you again to upload for the #heapsong2 artwork, this time inspired by these recordings. Photographers will be credited and paid for their work. All involved in the final release are invited to my house for the release party on Sunday 3rd July!

Phew, that was quite a mouthful to explain!

There'll be a live video chat room on the heapsong2 microsite and a combined blog from Nick and myself where you can find out how to get involved, interact and comment on what's going on. Wish us luck!